Leasbian partner

I told my partner I'm Bisexual

2019.12.06 07:32 mindlikeher I told my partner I'm Bisexual

I (24f) told my partner (33m) that I'm Bisexual. I confirmed it by doing it with leasbians. I didn't tell him how I confirmed it though I just told him I'm sure.
Then I met this guy (25m), in a remote island during a festival. We were in a moonlight party with 300 other people from different countries. Funny thing is around 2 am, we smoked and went to the beach to watch the stars. We talked about science, history, politics, government everything I like that my partner isn't interested in. My partner doesn't like deep conversations while this guy I met does. We were just laying together by the beach and talking about life. No phones just as I always wanted (my partner is addicted to phone and games).
Fast forward we're back in the city, we were talking through whatsapp and he came to a bar where I'm with my friends.
I told him about my partner and my kid (6m), I told him I'm leaving my partner which is true because I realized that we like different things and we are growing into two different people hence the age gap.
I was 18 when my partner and I met, I got pregnant and he threatened me and my family (if I don't continue the pregnancy).
We got through a lot already and I'm scared that I'm throwing it all away because I want to be happy and I want to figure myself out. We already broke up last year for two months but decided to try again.
I already accepted that I wasn't meant to be happy ever since... ever since my dad left when I was 4. The trauma it brought changed my life.
The guy I met lives based on his survival skills because he came from a war stricken country. My partner is the same nationality as me. We never got married because he's still married and cant afford annulment. (They were 2 years separated when we met)
What I want to do is let them both go and focus on myself. I'm afraid that the guy I met is the "one", but if we're like meant to be, we're meant to be. Right?

tldr I'm confused and I want to discover myself more but I have two men (3 including my kid) that is very important to me right now. What to do

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2017.10.30 14:56 Doctor_Furniture Assterious Detective Agency

INTRO ( some ridiculous royalty free jazzy music that reminds of 70´s jazz )
fap sounds
ASSTERIOUS : oohh yeah , keep oinga boingaing like thaaaaaat! mmm you are a really funny lady, please tell the joke about the one legged shitting dog again!
gets interrupted by knock on door * start rustling and you hear a phone clicking down trying to hide whatever he was doing*
ASSTERIOUS : Ohh come on in !I was just in a call with my Detectiving partner !
L 1 : Never mind, we have some kleenexes if you want... L 2 : And a mop apparently...
ASS: BWAAAAAAAAAAA haa , no its fine , wow , two beautifull ladies on my office who can crack a joke ! I wish my partner was here, we could definately get some detectiving going on.
L 1 : yeeah, well our dog ran away, he usually does that but he hasnt came home in 4 days and we were worried, we heard you were the only male feminist detective around so we guess you might be cheap !
L 2 : We suspect that our Armenian neighbour did something to it as it keeps oogling it anytime it takes a shit on his yard filled with garbage.
L 1 : Yeah, we keep telling us to control our dog, but we cant always restrain him and he seems to be attracted to the foul smell of cheetos and past due snacks....its awfull !
L1 and 2 : Can you help us out finding Txian ? Thats the dog name, in memory of the only man we ever had a thing for.
ASS : Sure ! i will investigate and come here tomorrow , i expect to have your dog by then ! Just write down your adress and leave me your phone number and send me your CV im always looking for female detectiving partners as i am a male femenist !
L1 and 2 : Ohh thanks ! see ? ( turns to the other lesbian ) i told you this was a good choice, feminists tend not to objectify us and using beeing one as a shield to avoid any accusations of beeing hypocrites !
ASS : Picks up phone and starts dialing a number
ASS : so hey, i got this job for these really funny ladies and......yes.....of course they are gorgeous ! ugly women arent funny ! Ill be home late ! keep working on your material ! sound of bottle opening and gurgling
NEXT DAY ( * morning sound with that melody that is known to play to identify the start of the morning, cant remember ) :
Assterious is at the office
L1 : SO ??? did you find it ?? L2 : did you investigate the neighbour house ? we forgot to tell you, but he has 7 room mates, but even so, maybe you talked to the one that doesnt drool when speaking ? L1 : Calm down baby, let him show us the notes he is amassing
ASSTERIOUS : So guess what i heard that your dog was killed by the armenian guy because he hated that he kept shitting on the lawn.
L1 : What ???? we thought he either kidnapped him or called pet control services ( whatever you guys call it in america ), i mean were there witnesses ?? who did you speak with ?
ASSTERIOUS : Look, like a good detective i pulled the thread, i might not have liked what i found, but i knew just yesterday thats what happened, from a trusted source, I dont like to make baseless accusations based on he said what he said you know ? i went to the bottom of it * we hear a bottle crashing*, the same thing happened to me , i was accused of murdering the pikachu of my at the time girlfriend ( i get laid alot you know ), but that was not possible as i was going out wth another pokemon trainer that day , and when her friends came to my room to break my toys i wasnt there luckily...That lady did the same thing to another boyfriend years down the line, when she accused him of killing her bulbasaur...So...
L2 : We must get to the bottom of this ! i mean godamnit if that armenian fuck killed Txian we must call the police ! thats a serious accusation ! do you have proof ??
ASSTERIOUS : We can do, like this thing, like of contacting my source ! i mean like she is really funny you know ? and she saw it ! Let me call her in ! BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ( thats him calling her )
GUACAMOLE : Hello, i am Guacamole, the assistant detectiver of mr Assterious, how may i help you ?
ASSTERIOUS : These ladies want to know what happened to Txian, i told them about what you said about it beeing murdered by the armenian babaduke next door, like, it was you who told me, i have no reason to imake that up, right ?
GUACAMOLE : what ? no , where did you get there ? I was the one going there since you "quote" only talk to women and no women lives on that street unless they are lesbians or hookers or both!"quote" no, ladies, i talked to some people there and Txian was run over by the garbage collectors, they came to collect the dead animals on the porch of the armenian and ran him over by accident...
ASSTERIOUS : Oh ! Yes, see ? we got to the bottom of it ! and next time dont bring up dogs beeing murdered by vengefull armenians, thats not very feminist of you Guacamole ! Minorities deserve a chance to be respected, you beeing a woman should know that !
L1 : starts crying L2 : there there babe....i know....
ASSTERIOUS : Since you are here, are you interested in joining the agency as our creative ASSistants ?
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