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2020.10.21 02:58 FightMeCthullu I don’t know what’s wrong with me and I’m scared to get help.

I always just thought I was depressed. It’s been a constant, since I was just a kid and didn’t even have complex emotions. I was always sad. I was five and wishing I could become invisible, or disappear, or die. When I was seven I moved to a new school and in the first week we had to write a poem based on a feeling and I chose black paper and wrote about loneliness...which I know, was a real emo thing to do.
When I was fifteen the only thing keeping me tethered to earth was the fact that I was raised Catholic and if you committed suicide you went to hell.
I’m twenty three and I learned to live with it because what else could I do? My parents - bless them - were wonderful in so many ways but the one time I opened up to them I got burned (‘what do you have to be sad about?’ My mum yelled) so I kept it to myself. And I learned to cope. And it was fine! As fine as it could be. Because It had to be and I didn’t know another way to live so it became easy just to deal with it and move on as much as I could because what else could I do, y’know?
But recently I’ve been realising it might not just be depression and it’s fucking terrifying me.
The first clue was when my anxiety started to develop more in my teens. I don’t really get ‘panic attacks’ like you see in movies or on tv, I almost disassociate in a way. Everything slows down and I get trapped in my own head. My fight or flight must be broken because I just freeze and I thought that was normal until someone told me it wasn’t.
The second was my paranoia. I figured that was my anxiety or something, that it was just a fun side effect I had to learn to deal with and I moved on.
But in the last year my partner (who has known me for seven years, knows me better than I know myself) started pointing out little things that I thought was normal. My mood swings, my irritability. My depressive spirals, how they were bookended by a week or two of increased activity and drive that would just dissappear as quick as they came. How my impulse control would disappear too, how irritated and mood-swingy I’d get. I always thought that was just how I was when I wasn’t ‘depressed’, that those weeks were me ‘snapping out’ of my depression, that those weeks were my default setting but we did some research and we are going to doctors and they think it might be something more serious.
Borderline or Bi-polar II is the current guesstimate and I’m so scared because depression is a beast I learned to live with over two decades and constant struggle. I’m not scared of it anymore because at this point it’s more familiar than my reflection (although my body dysmorphia could be to blame for that too).
These almost-diagnoses, these ‘maybes’ terrify me because I was ready to live my life underwater but this new stuff? I don’t want it. I can’t do it. Psychologists are expensive, medicine is expensive, stigma is real, what if what I am is too much for people.
I’m in Adelaide, south Australia, and I’m so scared right now because if it turns out I’m not just ‘depressed’ I don’t know what to do.
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2020.10.20 01:36 AngryAdelaideian Anger Management?

Hi all,
Posting with a throwaway, so I'm sorry if this breaks any rules but I don't want this to be associated with my self personally.
I have anger issues. I tend to fly off the handle for no REAL reason and my level of reaction towards whatever has angered me is drastically higher than it should be. Today, I let someone in in-front of me while driving because their lane was closed due to construction. The woman behind them almost rear ended them and then had a go at me for letting them infront of me. We pulled up at the red light and she had a few choice words and then proceeded to hurl a racial insult at my partner and I just lost the absolute plot. Honestly I don't even really remember what was said all I saw was white light as I was starting to step out of the car but my girlfriend held back because there were several police standing near the construction area.
My anger has never had me cause physical hurt to anyone, just emotional, but this was the first time I legitimately wanted to knock her bogan crackhead teeth out and I felt like I totally lost control. This is the tipping point for me and made me realise that I have a real problem with my anger and need help. I just don't know how to go about getting it, who to speak to, or what to do. Has anyone here in Adelaide gotten any help to get their anger under control, and if so, how did you go about it?
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2020.10.18 12:08 MacaroonShot6760 Weekend get away - with pets

It’s my 30th jn a couple months and I want to get away for a weekend somewhere north, east or south of Adelaide CBD with my partner. Preferably somewhere we can stay/visit that allows pets. Struggling to find anything at the moment and thinking I may need to change plans or find a good kennel.
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2020.10.15 02:32 AknightThatSaysNi Wedding photographs in the hills, need some inspiration.

Hi all, just after some input as I'm relatively new to Adelaide having only moved here a couple of years ago and hoping some of you might have some suggestions for me.
My partner and I are getting married at Mt. Lofty early next year and have been trying to find some nice locations other than the summit and the Botanical Gardens for a Bride & Groom photo session after the ceremony. I'm not too familiar with the area and haven't been able to find anything within about 15-20 minutes drive thqts not too far off the beaten track. Any ideas would be really appreciated.
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2020.10.14 08:48 shallowblue Every player rated (from the Herald-Sun)

Every Collingwood player rated for 2020: Contracts, trade whispers and players to watch in 2021
Nick Wade, News Corp Australia Sports Newsroom
October 14, 2020 6:00am
Subscriber only

Collingwood has been urged to be “aggressive” with its list to stem a slide down the ladder after its semi-final horror show.
The Pies are expected to be active in this year’s trade period as they also juggle a number of list headaches, headlined by the contract demands of Jordan De Goey.
After narrowly losing the 2018 Grand Final, Collingwood slipped to a preliminary final loss last year and a semi-final whitewash this year.
“After seeing the way their season has come to an end, they have to be aggressive with their list,” Essendon champion Matthew Lloyd said on Footy Classified.
Mystery: Pies’ case of the missing grope
On the issue of paying De Goey upwards of $1 million a season, former Melbourne forward Garry Lyon on SEN said: “I wouldn’t pay a million bucks for him (per season), but someone will pay $800,000 (per season). Because when he did come back, he turned a game on its head on his own. Not many players can do that.”
Does wingman Tom Phillips look for a new home? Will Matthew Scharenberg get back home to South Australia? Should Brayden Sier test the market?
Let’s assess every player.
Age: 21 Games: 54 Contract: Until end of 2021
Started the season well with seven goals in his first three games, but appears a shell of the emerging star who won the 2018 Rising Star Award as a key part of the Pies’ Grand Final push. Is contracted for next season, but regressed to the fringe of senior selection in the back half of the year. Is a fresh start at a rival club needed, or does he simply need a strong pre-season at Collingwood to recalibrate as he enters a defining year? Still took the second-most marks inside 50 for the Pies this year, but had only three touches and a tackle in the semi-final hiding against Geelong. No doubt has the talent, it’s just deserted him at the moment.
Age: 24 Games: 98 Contract: Out of contract
Intriguing situation. The Pies suggest he is on the lookout for the biggest deal possible – more than the reported $800,000 he is on at Collingwood. But will another club be forthcoming as he explores the market? Carlton was said to be in, now apparently out. Essendon is also linked. With a host of other top-end signings placing pressure on their salary cap, the Pies can only pay so much for a player who has undoubted talent but whose top finish in a best-and-fairest is eighth. He is also facing an indecent assault charge and is due to appear in court on October 30. A nasty finger injury kept him out for two months this year, but the question clubs will ask is whether his 2020 output – down on his dazzling 2018 brilliance – warrants such a price tag. No doubt a matchwinner who, at 24, is still yet to enter the prime of his career and can do things others can’t. De Goey knocked back a $5 million offer from North Melbourne in 2017, but may not be prepared to sacrifice as much cash this time. A fascinating watch-this-space.
Age: 20 Games: 15 Contract: Until end of 2022
One of the success stories of the season for Collingwood, having become a mainstay of the Magpies line-up after forcing his way into the side in Round 6. The 20-year-old defender received a Rising Star nomination and regularly provided reliable defensive rebound for the Pies. His disposal efficiency of 85.1 was the best of any Pies player who played more than five games. Missed a few matches with a nasty gash in his leg against Sydney but returned without any issue. Will be someone Collingwood will look to next season for natural improvement.
Age: 26 Games: 151 Contract: Until end of 2027
Didn’t have the season he would have liked and Nathan Buckley shed some frank insights into why after Saturday night’s semi-final loss. Grundy went from All-Australian in 2018-19 to not even making the squad this year, reflected by a drop in his most of his statistical averages, including key areas relating to disposals, hit-outs and clearances. He also slipped to sixth on the AFL Player Ratings ranking of ruckmen, despite playing all 19 games. “Brodes is a guy who loves the game and loves footy, but he also loves to get away from it,” Buckley said. “When you’re in a hub, it’s been a little more difficult for him to do that.”
Age: 28 Games: 123 Contract: Until end of 2021
The fit-again Elliott was one of the Pies’ most durable players this season, and became a key part of the club’s finals push. Having battled injuries in recent years, he found valuable consistency and a new lease on his career, playing 18 games while spending more time in the midfield. Where his game was measured on goals in the past, this year it was built around midfield impact. Even still, he applied the most tackles inside 50 for the Pies. Last year he spent just 2 per cent in the midfield, but upped that to 37 per cent this year. At just 28, and provided his body stays fit, he still has a couple of valuable years left for the Pies.
Jamie Elliott in the clear in the semi-final against Geelong. Picture: Michael Klein
Age: 21 Games: 9 Contract: Until end of 2022
A breakthrough year after making his debut in his third season on the list. He played nine matches split across two stints in the side, but was dropped for the finals series. As he develops, the Pies will hope the rangy midfielder can add a bit more size to his frame as he looks to entrench himself in the starting 22 next season.
Age: 27 Games: 173 Contract: Until end of 2025
Treloar’s management is adamant he will remain at Collingwood despite his partner, Kim Ravaillion, signing a 10-month contract to play netball with the Queensland Firebirds next year. The situation unsurprisingly piqued Gold Coast’s interest – and the Suns could offer its No 5 selection to the Pies to entice a trade – but the midfielder is said to be committed to seeing out his long-term deal at Collingwood. All parties at this stage are indicating Treloar will stay at Collingwood and will make the long-distance situation work. Treloar battled more hamstring issues this year but his form was otherwise very strong across his 10 matches.
Age: 26 Games: 89 Contract: Until end of 2021
Remains contracted after signing a three-year deal at the end of 2018, but faces an uncertain future after his injury-prone body again failed him this season. Langdon was pushing to be available late in the season, but suffered a setback with an ongoing knee injury. The Pies rate his character and he played 23 games in their 2018 Grand Final campaign, but will they see the best of the 26-year-old again after he hasn’t played since Round 9, 2019? In one recent training session at Maroochydore, coach Nathan Buckley walked many laps in deep conversation with Langdon.
Age: 23 Games: 22 Contract: Until end of 2021
A successful product of the mid-season draft, Noble has quickly become part of the furniture of Collingwood’s defence. The Pies have benefited from his pace, often looking to get the footy into his hands to launch from the back half. Played 17 matches this season and has the confidence of someone who looks set to be a key part of the side into the future. His two-year deal expires next year, but there should be no worries about him getting a fresh offer.
Age: 32 Games: 316 Contract: Until end of 2021
Created Collingwood history this season by overtaking Tony Shaw on the club’s all-time games record list. Shaw, himself, paid Pendlebury the ultimate compliment by saying he could play for a number of seasons yet. Missed a chunk of games in the middle of the season through injury but still clocked 20+ possessions in 11 of his 15 games and led the Pies for goal assists.
Age: 30 Games: 177 Contract: Until end of 2022
Beams has not played since Round 11 last season after stepping away from the game to deal with his mental health. He was involved in a car crash earlier this year that he later admitted was a “deliberate” and a “massive cry for help”. Collingwood has continued to offer off-field support and there appears an acceptance he is unlikely to play again. Collingwood and Beams will discuss his future in the coming weeks.
Age: 25 Games: 41 Contract: Out of contract
Scharenberg is expected to explore his options, potentially even a return to South Australia, after falling out of selection favour this season. The former No. 6 draft pick played only three matches in 2020, with his most recent being in Round 8 when the Magpies were thrashed by West Coast. Adelaide might see potential in bringing in Scharenberg to help bolster its backline.
Age: 26 Games: 151 Contract: Until the end of 2024
In a season of widespread disruption, Copeland Trophy winner Adams was a constant presence who defied it all. He made the All-Australian team for the first time in his career and played every match in his best-ever season, helping drive a midfield that was at times without Steele Sidebottom and Scott Pendlebury. An on-ball general, he had 20 more clearances than the next-best teammate (Pendlebury), was the club’s leading ball-winner, applied the most pressure, was involved in the most score involvements and had the most contested possessions. One of their few better players against Geelong in the dismal semi-final, too.
Age: 25 Games: 11 Contract: Until the end of 2021
Played 10 games this season in his first year at the club after crossing from Sydney and is clearly in the Pies’ plans after he played both finals despite not playing for the previous month. His support role to Grundy allowed Collingwood to work over Nic Naitanui in the elimination final. At one point in the season he was keeping Mason Cox out of the side. A handy acquisition.
Age: 33 Games: 198 Contract: Out of contract
The much-liked Dunn has decided to retire having played only two matches this season after earning a career reprieve 12 months ago. He was delisted at the end of last year by Collingwood but relisted as backup, earning back-to-back games in Rounds 11-12 after not playing at all in 2019 with knee issues. He continued to train with the main squad until the Pies were knocked out of the finals. Squeezed everything out of his body after starting at Melbourne in 2006.
Age: 31 Games: 231 Contract: Until end of 2021
Mayne returned from a sickening facial fracture to play in both of Collingwood’s finals this season. Since joining the Pies in 2017, he hasn’t missed a final, showing his value to the side at the pointy end of the season. After the broken cheekbone incident, coach Nathan Buckley described how highly Collingwood rated Mayne. “The bloke continues to put his body on the line. His teammates love him and he’s not in a good way. He’s a sore boy. He’s done it in every one of his actions since he’s come to the club.” Signed a one-year extension at the start of the year to take him into 2021.
Age: 22 Games: 49 Contract: Until end of 2022
Had a breakout 2019 but could not quite reach the same heights this season, despite playing the bulk of the year. Suffered an ankle injury but was then dropped on the eve of the finals and couldn’t force his way back in.
Age: 32 Games: 230 Contract: Retired
Varcoe has retired after being a wonderful servant for the Pies since crossing from Geelong midway through his career. Varcoe joined Collingwood in 2015 as part of a three-way trade and played 92 games for the Magpies. The Pies were the winners of that deal where Heritier Lumumba went to Melbourne and Mitch Clark joined Geelong. Varcoe played nine matches this year in an injury-interrupted campaign before being squeezed out of the team at the end of the year. A two-time premiership player at Geelong (2009, 2011), Varcoe also provided many happy memories for Pies fans in finals.
Age: 31 Games: 158 Contract: Out of contract
Comes out of contract but the early indications are the Magpies want to offer him a one-year deal to take him into next season. Greenwood played the last six matches of the season – including both finals – after recovering from a torn ACL suffered in last year’s finals series. His ability to still negate an opponent (most recently Tim Kelly in the elimination final) and his strong recovery from knee surgery gives hope that he still has a role to play at Collingwood next season.
Age: 31 Games: 152 Contract: Retired
Suffered an injury setback on the eve of the finals and made the call to bring forward his retirement, effective immediately, after managing only two games this year. Reid was a dominant defender for the Pies between 2010-13 in particular, playing in the 2010 flag and making All-Australian in 2011. But soft-tissue injuries often hampered him during the second half of his career.
Age: 24 Games: 89 Contract: Until end of 2021
Could be one to watch from a trade perspective. Got injured at the wrong time of the season and was then overlooked for selection as Collingwood went unchanged into its semi-final against Geelong. Phillips had otherwise been a regular in the side, having not missed a game between 2018-19 and played the first 15 games this year before injuring his hamstring. Josh Daicos appears to have jumped ahead of him now. He was available to play against the Cats but the Pies opted to keep him out. Rival clubs circled Phillips last year. Perhaps they will again.
Age: 29 Games: 243 Contract: Until the end of 2021
The bumper five-year contract he signed in 2016 expires at the end of next season. It was a mixed season for Sidebottom. He copped a four-match ban for a breach of the AFL’s COVID protocols in late June, but returned to play some solid footy before leaving the club’s hub to return home for the birth of his child. The Pies tried to get Sidebottom back up to Queensland on the eve of the finals but the plan hit roadblocks and was abandoned.
Age: 29 Games: 179 Contract: Until end of 2022
Roughead had a solid year across 17 games but coach Nathan Buckley conceded after the semi-final that the key defender was among a number of players who were not suited to the 24/7 nature of the footy hub bubble, more preferring their space and work-life balance. He has been an elite find for the Pies since crossing from the Western Bulldogs, so there’s no worries there in terms of his future.
Age: 29 Games: 103 Contract: Until end of 2021
The small forward did not have the impact he would have liked this year across 14 games, kicking four goals and only averaging a tick over 10 possessions a match. His tackle numbers were down, too, on the level he normally applies. Contracted for next season but could there be some movement in the coming weeks?
Age: 27 Games: 153 Contract: Until end of 2023
Crisp was one of the positive stories of the season for Collingwood, finishing second in Champion Data’s rankings of “general” defenders in the AFL for the year. It came on the back of a third placing in last year’s Copeland Trophy. Crisp played all 19 games and showed a high level of consistency. He finished the season in top form and was one of only a couple of Pies players who could hold their head high after the semi-final loss to Geelong. Entering the prime of his career, if he’s not there already.
Age: 21 Games: 35 Contract: Out of contract
Yet to sign but seems destined to stay at Collingwood next year and beyond. Daicos’s stocks grew rapidly this year, emerging into a dynamic ball-user on the wing, coupled with some of the freakish goalscoring ability of his famous father. He played 18 games at a high level this year, after playing only five last year and 10 the year before. Daicos also made the AFLPA’s 22Under22 team of the year. His form will likely come with a little pay rise, which will only add to the complex list-management decisions currently facing the club, but one the Pies would surely make room to accommodate.
Josh Daicos is a talent on the rise.
Age: 20 Games: 1 Contract: End of 2022
The father-son prospect will be hoping for better luck next year after suffering a season-ending arm injury on debut this year. The promising forward kicked a goal and looked lively against Hawthorn in July but landed awkwardly and did not return this season. If fit next year, he will put pressure on Mason Cox in the forward line.
Age: 20 Games: 2 Contract: End of 2022
Been a frustrating couple of years for the highly-rated Murphy. Made his AFL debut late in 2018; had his 2019 derailed by injury and just could not force his way into a settled backline this year. There are no concerns about where the Pies view him in their future, having re-signed as recently as March for an additional two years. “The future is theirs to write but right now Cal (Brown), Tyler (Brown) and Nathan are seen as important to what is next for Collingwood,” Magpie list manager, Ned Guy, said at the time.
Age: 26 Games: 37 Contract: Out of contract
Played only one match this year – Round 11 against Adelaide – in what was his first game in more than two years since breaking his leg in a collision with a goalpost against GWS in early 2018. Broomhead has unfortunately battled injury issues all his career. The Pies face the tough decision of how much longer they can keep the talented but often-sidelined forward on the list.
Age: 24 Games: 89 Contract: Out of contract
One of the best defenders in the game and one of the most important signatures Collingwood has secured this off-season. Moore was out of contract but re-signed with the Magpies on Tuesday after another brilliant season in which he made the All-Australian side. He led the Pies for defensive one-on-one wins (61) and missed only one match. When last quizzed publicly about his contract status in August, Moore declared he “absolutely” wanted to stay at Collingwood.
Age: 21 Games: 11 Contract: Out of contract
Didn’t have much luck on the injury front this year. Had a delayed start to the season with an ankle injury and then suffered a hamstring setback late in the campaign. It leaves him facing an uncertain future, having played only one match in each of the past two seasons after nine in his debut 2018 campaign.
Age: 27 Games: 137 Contract: Until end of 2022
Quieter year by his standards, not having quite the impact of past seasons in the front half of the ground, especially on the scoreboard. The key to Collingwood challenging again next season will be for Hoskin-Elliott to find the potency of his 2018 season in which he kicked 42 goals, offered greater pressure and generally found more of the footy.
Age: 27 Games: 23 Contract: Out of contract
Just like last year, Wills enters the off-season without his future sorted. Played all his eight matches this season before Round 12, but never quite grabbed his opportunity and was pushed out after the Pies were thrashed by Melbourne. The midfielder was made to wait until well after the season last year to receive his 2020 contract – even despite playing the last six matches of the 2019 season, including two finals. It appears the Pies will make him sweat again as they assess their list heading into 2021.
Age: 19 Games: 0 Contract: Until end of 2021
The small defender is still waiting for his debut after landing at the club at pick 45 in last year’s draft. Fans would have been hoping to see him at some stage this year after his impressive performance in a pre-season scratch match against Carlton where he played well across halfback. But that debut will have to wait until at least next year.
Age: 19 Games: 0 Contract: Until end of 2021
The inside midfielder, taken at pick 40 in last year’s national draft from South Warrnambool, is yet to make his AFL debut, but showed enough promise in the early scratch matches to give hope that he was in contention to replace Scott Pendlebury when the Pies skipper injured his quad before the West Coast match. Would be looking to make his debut next year.
Age: 22 Games: 21 Contract: Until end of 2021
Injuries put the brakes on Sier’s ability to push into the line-up, but he would have hoped for more than three games this year. A quad setback against Adelaide in Round 11 effectively kept him sidelined until the eve of finals. By the time he was fit, he couldn’t get back into the side. Sier has plenty of upside, but if he can’t get regular game time ongoing at Collingwood, surely there would be a suitor out there looking for a strong-bodied midfielder with inside grunt. There would be a few teams who wouldn’t mind him.
Age: 24 Games: 116 Contract: Until end of 2022
Maynard had the best season of his career, playing all 19 matches to a brilliant level down back that earned him selection in the All-Australian squad. Having elevated himself into the top bracket of defenders with his safe hands and pinpoint left foot. Leading the Pies for rebound-50s (72), intercept possessions (118) and total metres gained (7368), he was probably unlucky to not make the final AA team.
Age: 30 Games: 187 Contract: Until end of 2021
Collingwood was rock solid in defence most of the year – just imagine if they had Howe too. Even without Howe, the Pies ranked among the best defences in the league, but they missed his intercepting prowess and his organisation – and that ultimately hurt their ability to rebound. Howe ruptured his PCL in June and fell short in his bid to return for the finals. He would have been particularly handy against a Geelong side that just punctured holes in the Collingwood backline in the semi-final. In the smallest of sample sizes (just four matches), he was already looking worthy of an All-Australian defender.
Age: 18 Games: 4 Contract: Until end of 2021
Ruscoe played four matches between Rounds 10-13, showing lively promise in attack and hitting the scoreboard with 5.4 in those games despite playing not even 70 per cent game time. He proved quite a handy choice at pick 55 in last year’s draft. But we’re not sure who attracted the main headlines this year: Ruscoe or his mum! The draftee made his debut in Round 10 against Sydney, but his mum missed his first goal after admitting she ducked out the back of the house for a quick smoke.
Age: 20 Games: 3 Contract: Out of contract
Got of taste of AFL life this year as one of a host of debutants for the Pies, providing a spark across half forward in his three games between Rounds 6-8. The Fiji-born Bosenavulagi joined the Pies at the end of the 2018 season as part of the Next Generation Academy.
Age: 27 Games: 58 Contract: Out of contract
Mihocek apparently has a three-year deal on the table from Collingwood but the sticking point appears to be the dollar figure attached to it. Mihocek did his claims for a pay rise no harm with a timely three-goal effort against West Coast in the elimination final thriller. Mihocek has kicked 90 goals in his 58 games across three seasons. It is an important contract for Mihocek given, at 27, it will likely be his best chance to cash in on his output. Mihocek is jostling with the likes of uncontracted teammates Jordan De Goey, Darcy Moore and Josh Daicos for every spare dollar in the Pies’ salary cap over the coming weeks. If he is squeezed out, there will be a club willing to add someone who consistently hits the scoreboard. No doubt they have already been in touch.
Age: 20 Games: 0 Contract: Out of contract
A tough year to be coming out of contract for the Irish recruit. Tohill returned home during the initial COVID shutdown period before returning. Tohill showed some promise as a utility in the VFL last year, kicking seven goals in 12 games, but could not crack a senior game this season. He has plenty of interests outside of football, including dreams of a medical career, but in January made it clear footy was his immediate priority: “I’m not an experiment. I want to play AFL football, it’s why I’m here.”
Age: 27 Games: 21 Contract: Out of contract
Played 13 matches this year, including the two finals, which should be enough to secure a new contract at the Pies. Didn’t have a huge finals series but it was clearly the defender’s best season. He took strides this year, when you consider that in both 2018 and 2019 he finished the home-and-away season in the side but was dropped both years for finals.
Age: 22 Games: 1 Contract: Out of contract
It was a long time coming, but Max Lynch received reward for effort and perseverance when the developing 200cm ruckman made his AFL debut against Brisbane last month. It had been a long build from being the 51st player selected in the rookie draft at the end of 2016 from the Murray Bushrangers. His form had been solid in scratch matches all season but the Pies’ big man stocks had kept him on the outer of selection.
Age: 29 Games: 69 Contract: Until end of 2021 after hitting contract trigger
Revived his career in the back end of the season after appearing on the brink midway through the year when he had issues with his vision and lost his spot in the team. He was recalled in Round 13 and found his spark, hitting a trigger clause for a new contract in the process. Cox took the most contested marks for Collingwood this year (23). But still, do he or the Pies explore a move? He was the hero of the elimination final against West Coast with three goals but, like many of his teammates, was missing against the Cats. Will be battling for his spot next year with Will Kelly, who suffered a nasty injury on debut and sat out the season.
Age: 20 Games: 1 Contract: Out of contract
Broke through for his AFL debut this year, picking up seven disposals in the Round 9 clash with Fremantle. But it was his only AFL match of the season. Keane, a 194cm defender, joined the Pies as a Category B rookie from Ireland ahead of the 2019 season. Keane was probably unlucky not to make his debut in 2019 – his intercept work stood out – and showed promising form in a pre-season game against Richmond this year. Yet to get a contract for next season.
Age: 23 Games: 0 Contract: Until end of 2021
The former Australian basketballer is yet to play a game, spending his first season at the club developing in training and scratch matches. The midfielder showed promising signs in a scrimmage hitout against Carlton, kicking three goals including a snap from about 40m out. The Pies rate his athleticism and adaptability. Captain Scott Pendlebury took him under his wing for early-morning workouts over summer.
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2020.10.11 04:21 celery-celery Help with a dying patch
Adelaide, zone 4.
Despite this already having started when I moved in, my landlord is up my arse about it. I’m watering, fertilising, my partner bought shoes to poke holes in it.
I’m lost guys. Any thoughts?
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2020.10.09 12:03 AngryPoli Looking for some new friends :)

My partner and I are Canadians who arrived in Australia just before the pandemic, and we've had a difficult time making meaningful connections since then. I know there's a ton of great people here, but my channels for making friends are quite limited and have not yielded many results. The city and its amenities have been so good to us, but theres a pit we're still looking to fill.
We are very open-minded, as we hope you will be as well. We love meeting new people, and we hope to share that desire with the beautiful people of Adelaide. Some of our personal interests include: concious living, self-improvement, plant-based diets, politics, low-waste/tox, traveling, books, current affairs, culture, good food and wine, and our careers in mental health and Indigenous wellbeing.
Even if you disagree with these things, I tend to like the back-and-forth that follows. We are just looking for something engaging.
Let me know your experience, or your suggestions!
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2020.10.07 23:18 shrty_undrcvr Wedding restrictions and gatherings in Adelaide

I was informed that there is a 15 people in a gathering- restriction on wedding ceremonies in Adelaide. Is this true? I read recent articles and official websites saying its 150 people per event. We are planning to drive out there from NSW and my partner is a relative so they said he can attend but not me (as we are not married yet) it doesnt make sense to me at all. So need your advice!
Thank you :)
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2020.10.06 11:59 TurnerThomas Professional Data Recovery Services

If you desperately need files back, sometimes the sole choice left to you is professional data recovery. Efficient, transparent, and talented data recovery services are hard to seek out. That’s why at many professional data recovery services packaged those standards together to provide a reasonable alternative to the mostly over-priced tremendous turnaround times of most comparable recovery companies.
In the data recovery industry, choosing the proper services distributor for your data recovery business has never been so important. Hanu computers is the professional’s choice for full-service file repair, hard drive data recovery, RAID recovery, and other data loss solutions.
The first step of knowledge recovery is basically with the client. If you think data loss or a significant mechanical problem with a tough drive, the primary thing to try to to is to show the pc or device off. Don't use the device or let "the IT-savvy friend" attempt to recover data. If the info is basically important to you, then the very best chance of a successful recovery is with knowledgeable data-recovery company.
Hanu Computers Data Recovery Services is one of the Leading Data Recovery Service Provider Company. They have years of experience in Data Recovery and Data Care Solution. The employees are well- trained with strong technical background and provide innovative approach.
Our Services has been providing Data Recovery Solutions to a wide variety of customers. Our customer base consists of ultimate users, resellers & service providers, distributors, and our Data Recovery Partners.
The Company has revolutionized the concept of knowledge Recovery with Professional Software and Latest Tools, Technique & Technologies. Our Data Recovery Service Help the People by bringing back the info Loss from Catastrophic Data Loss Situations. Data recovery is unfairly deemed expensive because consumers relate the value of the service to the acquisition price of the memory device that must be recovered. But at Hanu Computers be rest assured because we offer you free estimates before doing any repair work.
Always confirm your data-recovery provider commits to recover the info that's important to you. Also, remember that the primary data-recovery attempt is that the most successful. Do your research and trust your valuable data with the providers that have secured premises, a white room, specialized and background-checked staff and a worldwide network to source parts and expertise for your specific drive. It is always good to hire a professional data recovery service from a verified agent or company with years of experience.
We’ve produced tools and methods that are unique to the industry and these tools provide quick and reliable results at a reasonable cost. Select the best service provider that is reliable, secured and safe!
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2020.10.04 12:24 IwasThrownAwayAgain My (27F) ex(23M) wanted to catch up and acted like we were getting back together, instead he doesn't want to see me again.

Throwaway because I'm feeling vulnerable.
Reddit I really need your help on making sense of this, because I'm honestly heart broken all over again. Sorry in advance for how long this is...
I came out of a 4 year relationship in July 2019 with someone as I just fell out of love with him and realised we weren't compatible.
In September 2019 I went to a festival and met 'James' in the crowd, he asked for my socials and he would chat me asking to catch up for a drink, and we would talk pretty regularly but I told him he was too young for me - however he was very persistent and in November I finally agreed for us to catch up. He had explained that he himself had only just gotten out of a relationship in August, and wasn't looking for anything serious as his last 2 ex's told a lot of lies and cheated on him. Given his age and how recently single I was too, I was more than happy for a casual fling.
He's not my usual type so I thought I'd be safe in not getting emotionally attached, however as it turns out he possessed a lot of qualities that I love in a partner - he would make my bed every morning, cook me dinner every time he came over, he loved to read and he was really motivated at work and going to gym.
James was adamant on us not 'dating' because he wanted to stay single and 'work on himself', so whilst we were seeing each other we never went out in public. He didn't want to meet each others family (we both lived at home) so worked it around when they were out.
We spoke every single day, all day across texting, instagram and snapchat simultaneously.
The first week that James and I caught up, I had slept with someone else that same week. I never slept with the other guy again because I knew I was really into James after the first time I met him. At this time, James was referring to me as his 'fuck buddy' to his friends essentially, and as I said, he didn't want any commitment. However the first night we caught up he said in 4 years you'll be the girl I'll marry.
As weeks progressed, I was seeing him 1-3 times a week. One night he came over to my place after I got home from a festival. That night the sex was like literal love-making, he said so himself, and I knew that's when I was starting to get feelings, but also remained completely in denial telling myself that we've only been seeing each other for 3 weeks... if it ended I'll be totally fine.
As I could feel my feelings getting stronger, but knowing he didn't want anything further with me, I distracted myself by talking to other guys. I went on a date with a guy to dinner, I hated it and never spoken to him again after.
For Christmas I booked us a night away at the beach so that we could have crazy sex and chill at the beach before we head home. Whilst at the resort, we actually went out to dinner which we've never done, and he actually enjoyed it. That night we had a few red wines and he actually started crying, opening up to me about a friend of his that was killed, and I could feel us getting closer.
Whilst we were at the beach, we spoke about a small disagreement we had a week earlier where he told me that even though we would both be at the same festival over New Years, he wasn't going to see me or talk to me as he just wanted a 'boys' trip and not feel like he had a girlfriend. However he still wanted me to drive him and his mates home on New Years Day because it was a long drive and they would have been under influence. I was quite upset that he was basically going to ignore me for 3 days at the festival but then still wanted my help after, but at the beach I said fine, you can hook up with whoever you want, and I will too and we'll just do our seperate things. He just nodded his head and said okay.
On Xmas Eve he said that he didn't want to hang out with his friends this year and would rather see me. So we spent the day together and he said he couldn't handle us getting with other people and if that's what I wanted to do, then we would need to end things. I said I was happy to be exclusive with him. He said he still didn't want a relationship and that we would probably need to end soon before things got too hard, and we left it at that. As I'm a very honest person, I told him that I had slept with that one other person, and went on that other date. He was visibly a bit upset and said that he hasn't even looked at another girl since he started seeing me, but that he was grateful I told him. On Christmas Day I met his family.
At our NYE festival he stuck to his word... basically pretended I didn't exist for the entire 3 days. One time I ran into him in the crowd when I lost my friends and he was so awkward and ignored me, followed by him telling his friends about this girl he was hanging out with at the festival and how funny she was. I asked if he had hooked up with her because I was feeling insecure given this was supposedly his 'boys trip', he said no but was now concerned that I had hooked up (I hadn't).
He told me he would see me for the countdown (never did), so I told him he could come into my tent whenever he was wrapping up the night to sleep with me. At 4:30am he rocks up completely out of his mind, and proceeds to tell me that he thinks his feelings are too strong to continue being FWB and has been thinking that it would be silly to throw away a potential great relationship with me because of his insecurities of girls betraying him. He cuddled me that night like he never had before, and I was literally over the moon.
For the first week of January, he kept going back and forth between wanting to be with me or being 'unsure' if this is what he really wants, with his securities at an all time high thinking I was always off with some other bloke. He told me he was so upset I had slept with someone else early on, and he doesn't think that I feel as strongly about him as he did about me. I explained that I barely knew him when I slept with someone else, and to trust me that my feelings were genuine. That weekend he then met some of my friends after a night out.
The second week of January I went to Adelaide for a few days, when I came back he came over and broke up with me. Saying he just couldn't do it and needed to be alone and work on himself. I pretended to be okay, but he couldn't bring himself to leave my house so he stayed the night as 'one last night', I cried throughout the night and he held me in his arms and played a meditation track to calm me down. The next day after both of us were crying and holding each other, he left. However he never stopped talking to me, saying he feels like he made a mistake.
The third week of January I went to Sydney for a few days, and he was messaging cute things non-stop, and so I felt like we were back on. I saw him on the Friday night when I got back and was expecting him to say he made a mistake and wanted to try again, however he kept telling me he was unsure of what he wanted still. I ended up sleeping in another room because I was so upset, and on Saturday morning I received a text after he had left for work saying he couldn't do this anymore. However by that afternoon he rocked up to my house, and confessed he made a mistake and wanted to make this work. I was completely shocked, and after spending the day bawling my eyes out, I agreed to give it another chance.
The fourth week of January was Australia Day weekend. He was hosting a party at his house, and I was waiting for the invite... that never came. We discussed it on the Friday night (party on the Saturday), and he told me it's too soon for me to meet his friends as they've already met his ex's before me and I would be 'another girl' for them to meet. Again, I was upset and his solution to me being upset was suggesting we take a break... for my own benefit. I could barely sleep I was so angry and proceeded to basically ignore him the entire weekend. He called and texted asking what was wrong and I said we could talk after the weekend. He was pretty distressed and on the morning of the party had ended up asking me to come, by which time I had already made plans with other friends and said no, it's too late. He came over on the Monday pretty stressed, I said this is bullshit and he needs to do better or we're over. He declared he wanted to make it work and would make more effort.
The fifth week of January, things seemed okay until the weekend. We went on a walk in the mountains and he started complaining about how I had so many guy friends (some of which I had hooked up with previously) and he was so uncomfortable given his ex's cheated on him. I tried to explain I would never do that to him, but eventually conceded that he was right and I shouldn't have so many close male friends. He was steering the conversation in a direction of we have different values and therefore we probably wouldn't work out. However he didn't end up breaking up with me.
First week of February things are okay, but I notice his behaviour changing to be very hot and cold. We go on our first actual date and go to the beach. I'm a very affectionate person and he's always told me that he hates PDA and isn't affectionate at all, so trying to get a hug or a kiss from him was just almost unbearable for him. That weekend I could feel he was off so I asked him what's wrong, he tells me he's still so unsure because he feels like he needs to be single. We slept on it, and by this point I was absolutely riddled with anxiety and so sad all the time from being broken up with every weekend, that I sent him a text on the Sunday night and ended it despite that I knew that I loved him, telling him I needed someone who could love me back. He messaged back saying it was for the best and he hopes I find someone who makes me happy and that he's going to get therapy for his insecurities.
My birthday was 4 days later, I didn't hear thing.
At the end of February we caught up to give some things back to each other. We had closure sex and he then told me he felt relieved that we weren't seeing each other anymore and a weight has been lifted, and then I pretty much never heard from him again.
This brings me to last week. Up until this point, I still thought about him every single day and my feelings had not diminished at all. I can honestly say I'm so much happier not being anxious all the time, but I really missed him. I spent all of this year trying to work on myself, to love myself, and I can honestly say I've come so far as I never want to end up in that situation again where I was treated less than I deserve.
Last Saturday I was swiping away on Tinder, and James's face pops up on my screen, however it's not his profile... it's a friend of his that had James in his main photo. I never met this friend, and curiosity got the better of me wondering if he knew who I was so I swiped right and we matched. I wake up on Sunday morning to a message from his friend saying 'James misses you and wants to catch up'. My heart was throbbing, however another message came through saying 'nah just joking, but I want to catch up with you'.
I ended up messaging this conversation to James saying that I didn't want him getting some twisted version of events thinking I was trying to get with his friend, and he replied to that message adding in that he does want to catch up with me. He tells me he quit his job and started a successful business, and has moved out of home right at the end of my street! James has always made it very clear that he does not stay friends with his ex's, so the fact that he wanted to see me after 7 months of no contact made me think that maybe he's had his time alone and wants to be with me properly.
We caught up last night, and everything was incredible. He was so affectionate with me - kissing me while we sat at the park, holding my hand, couldn't sit near me without touching me. He told me how beautiful I looked, and made comments that back when we were seeing each other that he was clearly a man who was unsure of what he wanted, implying that now he did know what he wanted, and he was asking about every aspect of my life taking an interest.
We went home and cuddled watching a movie on the couch. Things started to get a bit steamy however I stopped and said I wasn't ready to take this to the next level again yet. He said no worries, and we continued to make out and ended up doing oral. It was after that he says 'I just wanted to address the elephant in the room and be honest and let you know, I can't promise that I'll ever see or speak to you again, this is a once off thing'. He then said it was just nice to see another person after being in isolation for so long.
My heart literally broke. He then continued to tell me that my feelings were obviously always stronger than his. He laughed as he reminisced on ignoring me at the new years festival, and giggled at how badly he treated me by not making effort when we were trying to make it work, followed with 'I don't know what you saw in me'. But as he left my house he's telling me he was really glad that I seemed so happy in myself now.
I could barely sleep last night and again I'm so hurt. I ended up messaging him today asking him why he would be so kind and affectionate to me and doing all the things I always wanted, fully knowing that he wouldn't see me again? I also said his comments that I clearly liked him more and his laughing to his hurtful actions to me was really upsetting. He's completely ignored me and not replied.
I honestly thought he had felt the same about me and now he was ready to be with me, and now that he's gone again I feel completely heartbroken just like I did the first time.
I know a lot of you are wondering why I kept giving him second chances. He just seemed so genuine in how he felt about me, and he was always unsure due to thinking he had to be single and his insecurities of women hurting him. So I tried so hard to show him that not every girl will betray him and wanted to support him as he was struggling.
My question is to the men of Reddit... what is his thinking behind all this? He never wanted other girls and wanted to be alone and work on himself. Then why did he keep telling me he wanted to make it work? To the ladies of Reddit, why on earth am I so hung up on this guy who clearly doesn't treat me well and does not feel the same about me?

TL;DR: I fell for someone who I thought felt the same for me, however he continually broke up with me and then wanted me back. He asked to catch up and again and was acting like things were better than before, only to tell me he never wants to see me again.
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2020.10.01 15:46 Deathdealer1929 Last night's game was the most Malkavian session ever.

As some of you probably know already, I run a weekly sandbox New York by Night Vampire game. Last night, the Malkavian character had a field day and it turned my game into a hilarious episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.
A couple of sessions ago, the Malkavian Primogen gave the Malkavian player character a task. Find out what's going on with Adelaide Davis down in Staten Island. He gathers his coterie together, which include a Banu Haqim hitman and a Nosferatu ex sanitation worker.
They picked up the Nosferatu from Grand Central Station, where he was having his own little adventure taking part in an underground Nosferatu fight club hosted by Calebros himself.
At this point in time, the Malkavian is very hungry so he goes to the (very grimy) bathrooms in the station and waits in a stall using Obfuscate. A man soon runs in, having to take an emergency crap. The Malkavian feeds on him, letting the dude release his bowel movements in bliss. He then rummages through his stuff and finds that he's a cab driver. Takes his keys and money from his wallet.
He then goes outside and finds the parked cab in order to steal it. In front of the cab are a pair of young people taking selfies for Instagram. The Malkavian, being a gifted liar, cons the poor kid out of his cellphone and then drives away with the coterie in the stolen cab with the kid standing there bewildered.
Now, the Malkavian's bane is he has intense mood swings. He can be happy go lucky one moment, and practically catatonic or even irritable the next. And the player did a great job roleplaying this.
The Malkavian rolls a bestial failure in his attempt to drive, so he goes from being in a good mood, to being incredibly intense, and it shows in his reckless driving. Cops begin to chase them and he turns the cab suddenly into an alleyway. The Banu Haqim jumped out and like in Assassins Creed, blended with the crowd so perfectly that the cop's partner got distracted looking for him. The last remaining cop aims his gun at the Malkavian, who uses Dementation to make the cop think his gun is melting in his hand. He then knocks the cop out and with the Nosferatu's help, takes his uniform and wears it!
He also gives the hat to the Nosferatu's cat familiar and calls him Officer Whiskers. :) Anyway, the cop's partner makes his way back shortly after the Banu Haqim returns freaking out on what his coterie is doing. They make their escape in the POLICE VEHICLE as the cop opens fire and radios in reinforcements.
They have to get rid of this vehicle fast as well as file off the serial numbers from the guns they stole. They take the car to the Hudson and, because the Malkavian was in a manic mood, he jumps out, poorly, into the pavement as the car goes into the river. The Banu Haqim then calls his criminal contact and gets the guns exchanged for untraceable counterparts.
Fully armed and ready to go, they proceed to take the Staten Island Ferry. The Malk at this point is very hungry again, after having to heal a number of superficial wounds. So he feeds off a drunk person in the bathroom. (There's a pattern here.) He then also becomes drunk due to the effects of the victim's blood. He slurs his speech (he's still wearing the cop uniform and basically looks like a male stripper) and talks seemingly to himself. (He talks to his invisible Nosferatu friend.)
The Banu Haqim is the straight man of the group and listens to a couple of wannabe ghost hunters talk about the haunted house in Snug Harbor, which happens to be the coterie's destination.
They follow the group once ferry harbors into Staten Island. Meanwhile the coterie themselves are being followed and the Banu Haqim notices. It's Boss Calihan's Anarchs and they're in their turf now.
That's basically how the session ended, but man this was so much fun and really funny! The Malkavian player had a field day! Any funny stories you guys experienced either with Malkavians or simply funny characters?
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2020.09.30 22:29 DramaticPatience0 [HIRING] 40 Jobs in on Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Amazon Amazon Warehouse Assistant (Full-Time) Acton
Amazon Amazon Warehouse Assistant (Full-Time) - Earn up to $16.7/hr Acton
Amazon Amazon Warehouse Assistant (Full-Time) - Night Shifts Available - Earn Acton
Oldcastle APG Oldcastle APG: Electro-Mechanic Adelaide Metcalfe
First Student Canada First Student Canada: School Bus Driver Adjala-Tosorontio
First Student Canada First Student Canada: School Bus Driver Alliston
Rexall Pharmacy Group Ltd. Rexall Pharmacy Group Ltd.: Store Manager Alliston
First Student Canada First Student Canada: School Bus Driver Asphodel-Norwood
HGS Canada Bilingual (French/English) Customer Support - (Canada Post) Barrie
HGS Canada Bilingual (French/English) Customer Support - Inbound calls Barrie
Lactalis Canada Lactalis Canada: System Technologist, Process Controls Belleville
Amer Sports Corporation Amer Sports Corporation: Sr. Financial Analyst Belleville
Dr Robert Zaichick and the Smile Team Dr Robert Zaichick and the Smile Team: Level 2 Dental Assistant Belleville
Talize Talize: Merchandise Processing Manager Belleville
HGS Canada Bilingual (French/English) Customer Service - WFH with paid home training Blind River
Doordash Delivery Driver - No Experience Needed Brampton
Doordash Delivery Driver (part or full time) with DoorDash - Make up to $17/hou Brantford
Doordash Delivery Driver (part or full time) with DoorDash - Make up to $23/hou Brantford
Canadian Executive Search Group Inc. an Arrow Workforce Solutions Company Canadian Executive Search Group Inc. an Arrow Workforce Solutions Company: Tax Accountant Chatham
EACOM Timber Corporation EACOM Timber Corporation: Human Resources Business Partner In Training Partenaire D’affaires Ressources Humaines En Formation Ear Falls
Mark's Mark's: Directeur Général Du Magasin Fort Frances
Mark's Assistant Store Manager (Guelph)- Mark'S Guelph
TIGER Drylac Canada Inc TIGER Drylac Canada Inc: Finance Manager Guelph
Canadian Mental Health Association, Waterloo Wellington Canadian Mental Health Association, Waterloo Wellington: Mental Health Clinician (French Language Services) Guelph
ML6 Search + Talent Advisory ML6 Search + Talent Advisory: Financial Specialist Guelph
Summit Search Group Summit Search Group: Site Director - Ignace (3-Year Term) Ignace
Instacart Canada Food Store Delivery (Car Required) Ingersoll
Instacart Canada Delivery Driver (Car Required) Ingersoll
Instacart Canada Food Store Shopper (Car Required) Ingersoll
Premium Retail Solutions Premium Retail Solutions: Retail Merchandiser - Flexible Schedule Kenora
Premium Retail Solutions Premium Retail Solutions: Merchandiser Kenora
Premium Retail Solutions Premium Retail Solutions: Retail Merchandiser (Electronics) Kenora
Nelson Frank Senior ServiceNow Developer Kitchener
WESCO Distribution WESCO Distribution: Counter Sales And Warehouse Kitchener
Skechers U. S. A., Inc. Skechers U. S. A., Inc.: Part Time Retail Sales Associate Kitchener
Heffner Lexus Toyota Heffner Lexus Toyota: Sales Manager Kitchener
Grand River Personnel Limited Grand River Personnel Limited: Legal Assistant - Employment Law Kitchener
Sales Talent Agency Sales Talent Agency: Business Development Representative Kitchener
Contak Contak: Opérateur De Machine Maxville
Dare Foods Limited Dare Foods Limited: Process EngineeContinuous Improvement Coordinator Milton
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in ON. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2020.09.30 00:28 mrchensta Driving from Sydney to Adelaide via Broken Hill. Which route is better? Stuart Highway vs Barrier Highway

Hi everyone,
Me and my partner will be doing a drive to Adelaide later this week, usually we take the more direct route through Victoria, but since that is not possible right now, after extensive research, the best bet is to go through Broken Hill. (There is another route just north of Mildura and onto some unsealed roads into SA, but we both decided it was a bit too risky, and given we will be passing there around night time, we wanted to prioritise safety over saving some distance).
Option 1: Dubbo to Broken Hill via Barrier Highway
Option 2: Stuart Highway then north to Broken Hill
Both seem to have similar distances, and I cannot tell too much from Google maps in terms of how easy/good these roads are. Are there things to look out for like Kangaroos on a particular stretch? etc
Thanks and really appreciate all your advice
submitted by mrchensta to australia [link] [comments]

2020.09.28 13:57 GrumpyKittn Regional Victoria

Hi everyone!! I’m someone who has been lucky enough to keep my job during this hell, but was wondering if anyone had reasons to keep functional during this time!! I’m in a pharmacy that packs for nursing homes, but I’m EXHAUSTED, and I know all my coworkers are too. I know metro areas have had restrictions eased early, is it likely to happen for regional Victoria? I’ve been missing my niece (and brother and sister-in-law) in Adelaide, and want to know if it’s likely I can see them before Christmas. I had a month long-service booked for Italy, but with how this years gone I’d accept a trip to SA. Anyone have any rough ideas on the timelines?? (Also, please please please please please pretty please be nice to people still working. We’re getting nothing extra, but putting up with 100000000000000x the abuse by people annoyed they can’t go elsewhere. We also have lives, families and plans, please don’t blame us or mistreat is cause of your frustration. We get it, we’re frustrated too, but we can’t get rid of the virus, much as we wish we could!!! Also, please be honest, don’t say no one in your household then ask for cold and flu tablets for your partner, and cough liquid for your kids. Well being it out if you need it, but PLEASE don’t risk exposing pharmacy staff and their families cause you want to go inside. We will LITERALLY bring everything outside if you’re at risk!!!!) Sorry for the rant, I’m exhausted, hopeless feelings and slightly tipsy (like the last 6 months) I swear, any pharmacy staff will do there best for you, but PLEASE be honest and let us know if you or your family have symptoms BEFORE coming in!!! Pretty please!! We’re risking our lives, and our families and friend to do our best by YOU, please don’t make it worthless by lying or concealing the truth. PLEASE!!!!
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2020.09.28 13:34 _AgitatedEscape SA-VIC borders...

Seeing Victoria’s 5 cases today is giving me more hope than before, and us opening up to NSW, but still confused when the borders will open and what the rules are at the moment.
I’m sure a lot of us are separated from partners and loved ones at the moment, so you can understand how painful the distance is. I’m currently separated from mine, she being in Melbourne and me being in SA. We’re trying to stay optimistic but some days are worse than others.
If anyone can explain in laymen’s terms when to expect any kind of possibility of the border restrictions relaxing, and what the conditions are at the moment, it would be much appreciated.
I did find this post before, but it’s almost a month old now so hopefully there’s a brighter outlook.
Thank you.
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2020.09.28 05:50 mrchensta Tips driving from Sydney via Broken Hill or Mildura

Hi everyone,
Really happy for the border reopening and my partner have been wanting to come visit for many many months (She grew up in Adelaide and we visit quite often). So now that it's open, we are thinking of driving up, but know that we cannot go through Victoria at all. So from my research so far.
1) Via Mildura and then some little unsealed road into South Australia, but a little worried on how long the unsealed section is, and how slow would we have to drive through it, is it safe? what if it rains etc
2) Via Broken Hill, through Griffith. I think on Google maps it's about 3 hours longer, but again, I am not sure if Google calculated the unsealed stretch, and if they just assumed it's 100km/h
Anyway, love to have some advice from folks who are a bit more familiar! Thanks so much
submitted by mrchensta to Adelaide [link] [comments]

2020.09.28 00:48 Slimlazy25 Anyone had any luck in permanently moving to WA?

TL;DR: Sydney girl and Perth boy want to move to WA.
My partner was born and raised in WA. His mum and dad live there and he is incredibly home sick. I’m from Sydney and we have lived here for a few years together.
We want to move to Perth so we can be with his family. We will live at his parents apartment and we are willing to pay for hotel quarantine. We are lucky that our employers have offices in Perth and we can work remotely.
We were planning on spending 3 weeks in Adelaide before making the application to be allowed into WA. Has anyone had any luck with this? I think we were planning to apply for a “going home” exemption.
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2020.09.26 21:36 MajorSteed Ghostbusters of London: Campaign 1 Casefile

Ghostbusters of London: Campaign 1 Casefile
I hope nobody minds, but approximately three weeks ago, I started "series 2" of my Ghostbusters of London campaign, and while we don't have any recordings or comics or such, I thought nobody would mind if I shared a summary of their adventures so far. I'll start with some quick character descriptions and then give an overview of each case they've been involved in.
We're ready to believe you!
The Stars of the Show
  • Cassidy Dempsey, the Brains: the shortest and smartest member of the team, a sharp-witted, green-haired wild child who crafts new ideas to expand their ghostbusting arsenal. A childhood encounter with a fearsome banshee awakened a sense of exploration and obsession in her.
  • Harrison Ace, the Muscles: the strongest and biggest member of the team, an accountant who previously attempted to reconcile his job with his Christian upbringing. Incredibly well-meaning, but clumsy and prone to accidents. His player has the most consistent habit of rolling ghosts.
  • Michael Smith, the Moves: a grumpy but practical engineer, and the one who has to find ways of putting Dempsey's wacky ideas together. Usually at his happiest when maintaining and upgrading the existing equipment. Also imbued with a remarkable gift for jumping. Fan of old horror flicks.
  • Zachary Flynn, the Cool: an American expat and professional Elvis impersonator, Flynn ran away to England on the pretence of visiting relatives. Now the public face of the London team. Wears a custom white, tassel-sleeved uniform and a "the King ain't dead" sticker on his proton pack.
  • Katherine "Kitty" Evans, the Heart: the ghost of a woman who died quite suddenly in 1969, now the housemate and sometimes-test-subject for Dempsey's experiments. Searching for the reasons behind her death. Ex-N.P.C. adopted by a player who developed her further than I ever could.
  • ECTO-1: the company vehicle, a van extensively modified from an Iveco ambulance into a reliable, all-in-one ghostbusting machine.
Supporting Cast
  • Louise Valentine (24): the team's receptionist. Sensible, logical, organised, but more than a bit abrasive. A very private individual who keeps much of her personal life and beliefs to herself.
  • Sarah Derrell (13): a budding paranormal blogger and the London team's number one follower, sometimes called on to provide historical data on the locations they investigate. Uncomfortable with her single father's disapproval of our heroes.
  • Harmon Derrell (40): Sarah's father and aide to Mayor Robinson, which means he's overworked, underappreciated, and frequently the butt of jokes. Has an intense dislike towards the team, and very protective of his young daughter.
  • Sven Robinson (67): the mayor of London and a keen supporter of the Ghostbusters. Excitable and approachable, but somewhat eccentric and forgetful. It's a miracle how he keeps getting re-elected when he'd rather spend time holidaying in the Lake District than running the city.
  • Pamela Arkwright (26): a maid at the Crown Hotel. Adventurous and charming. Currently dating Flynn.
  • Daniel McBride (27): a male nurse who started dating Ace after tending to his injuries on multiple occasions. Revealed to have a much deeper connection to the strange phenomena in the city than anyone realised.
  • Calvin Ace (13): Ace's lackadaisical nephew, and a staunch disbeliever. Inconveniently faints when confronted with the paranormal. Thinks the whole operation is a scam and that Sarah is a nutter.
  • Brayden Strand: Grand Master of the Ordo Templi Stellae and arch-nemesis of the London team. Last survivor of a White Lodge of magicians that was destroyed by schisms during WWI. Hellbent on global domination through a long-running plan to bring forth the Moonchild, a spiritual super-weapon. His current whereabouts are unknown.
  • The Architect Demon: caught accidentally by a ritual almost ninety years ago, the demon was set free from his prison by the London Ghostbusters, and has returned on multiple occasions to give them hints about Brayden Strand's schemes. Its true motivations outside of avenging itself on the magicians who trapped him remain unknown.
  • Sebastian Frobisher: former butler of the Strand family, enslaved to the will of the Grand Master. Final boss of the campaign.
For the context, both the original two films and the 2009 computer game are considered canonical. The Real Ghostbusters and Extreme Ghostbusters animated series exist as one of Dr Peter Venkman's many deals to increase the company's publicity. The adventures of the Ghostbusters of London team begin in mid-2016.
The Campaign
  1. The Resurrection-Men: after two weeks of inactivity, the London Ghostbusters receive their first proper case. An old pub is undergoing refurbishment, and the work has awoken a trio of violent poltergeists. The team meet Sarah, a budding paranormal investigator herself, who's been stuck in the cellar since she sneaked in to record evidence of supernatural activity. She reveals that the ghosts are the Boulstridge Gang, grave-robbers who resorted to murder when fresh bodies got difficult to find. Their leader Ainsley Boulstridge developed an interest in anatomical science that led him to perform twisted surgeries, and he's set his sights on young Sarah as his next subject. When she is spirited off to his hidden workshop, the new team come together to rescue her and prove they've got the tools and the talent to earn their stripes. Client: Reid Tolmach-Tolmach, owner of the Beast & Bottle pub Ghost(s): Ainsley, Billy, and Georgie Boulstridge (class IV); Ainsley's victims (class I)
  2. The Suicide View: Dempsey and Smith design and build a new addition to their equipment—the boson blaster, which lacks a capture mode but is more powerful than a standard proton stream. The team are approached by the staff of the Crown Hotel about multiple suicides linked to the legend of a cursed room, which foul-tempered manager Donald Sinclair doesn't believe. Hoping to prevent further loss of life, the team decide to go undercover so they can investigate. Among the things they encounter are Kitty Evans, a young woman who doesn't know she died 48 years ago, a stream of caustic black slime leaking into the sewers underneath the car park, and Greta Armbruster, a mysterious and beautiful scholar with a ring bearing an odd symbol. Ace suffers a violent possessive episode in the cursed room, and Louise discovers that in 1902, a maid named Helen W. hanged herself after being forced to give her baby up for adoption. The manager finds out and starts provoking the ghost to prove a point, angering Helen and a monstrous, infant-like entity born from the negative emotions that have been collecting there for decades. Following a pitched battle, the team manage to defeat the monster by severing its connection to Helen. Kitty agrees to leave the hotel and join them at their fire station headquarters. Client: Crown Hotel staff Ghost(s): Katherine "Kitty" Evans (class IV); Helen W. (class IV); the Crown Hotel Baby (class V)
  3. The Hexed Factor: over the next month, Smith upgrades the ghost traps and Dempsey builds a set of slime-weave gloves that will allow physical interaction with ghosts. The team are enjoying a rise in public profile thanks to their adventure at the Crown Hotel and are approached by pop sensation Aurora Monday, who describes a horrifying encounter which left her without a voice. Her agent, Ralph Stainthorpe, stubbornly limits any interactions with her, much to their chagrin. A sudden visit of inspection from the mayor and his sour-faced aide, Harmon Derrell, causes a delay, but a a strange e-mail containing a list of similarly affected singers, each represented by the same agency, puts them back on the trail. They identify the culprit as a Varypnas, a type of troublesome spirit from Greek folklore. They also discover that Stainthorpe's sister Judith was a judge on the T.V. talent show Chart Throb, on which Aurora was a contestant, and the two share a contemptuous relationship. They find Judith's address and head there, only to find Stainthorpe already confronting her. Judith unleashes the Varypnas, and the fight tears through the house. Dempsey hospitalises her with a well-timed headbutt, and the others trap the ghost and break the curse. A follow-up investigation unearths signs of ritual activity and a ring identical to the one worn by Greta Armbruster. Client: Aurora Monday, pop star Ghost(s): the Varypnas (class V)
  4. Role-Playing Game of Thrones: Smith successfully constructs and tests a new device: the dark matter generator. The team are hired by two people in striking costumes, the Goodwins, who organise a LARP for the game League of a Thousand Swords, which is held in Epping Forest. At their last event, players attacked each other and woke up with amnesia. The team posit a case of mass possession, but are more excited to dress up in flashy costumes so they can check out the game without alarming the attendees. On the day of the event, the team get split up in the woods. Dempsey and Ace get captured by the pirate guild, led by Sarah and her father, who is furious at their presence. Smith uncovers ghosts of cavaliers and roundheads from an obscure battle during the English Civil War using the LARPers as hosts. Flynn uncovers a stone door in the undergrowth, which leads him to the prison of a two-headed demon, Sydow and Ekerot. A long time ago, a Celtic hero named Flann Ó’Floinn and some druids trapped them down there until one could discover a way to out-cheat the other in a contest of wits. Using the lost skull of Thomas Cromwell as a totem, they've been manipulating the ghosts to conduct war games for them on the surface. Flynn challenges the demons to a game of Fizzbin, which gives them both such a headache that it breaks their control, allowing the others to bust the ghosts. Sydow and Ekerot hurl the skull into a pool of black slime out of pettiness and allow Flynn to return to the surface, swearing revenge. Client: Chaz and Holly Goodwin, LARP organisers Ghost(s): roundheads and cavaliers (class III); Sydow & Ekerot (class VII)
  5. Dark Hood: Dempsey's research into the rings leads her to the Ordo Templi Stellae, a fraternal occult organisation chaired by Brayden Strand, a publisher who was acquaintances with such known figures as Aleister Crowley and Ivo Shandor. The fire station is visited by a warden from the Tower of London, who found a missing football in the hall and took it home, after which he had dreams about two young boys trying to escape from a terrifying knight. The Ghostbusters agree to keep the ball for further study, and experience the same phenomena while sleeping. They conduct research on the history of the Tower, and learn the legends surrounding the two princes who were lodged there and whose final fate remains unknown. The knight is the silent killer Sir Thomas De'Ath, whose ghost now pursues whomsoever holds the football anchoring the two princes. The fight that ensues between De'Ath and the Ghostbusters causes extensive damage to the fire station and their equipment, but eventually, our heroes prevail. In doing so, they allow the two princes to peacefully depart this dimension. Client: Martin Crane, Yeoman Warden at the Tower of London Ghost(s): Sir Thomas De'Ath (class III); the Princes in the Tower (class IV)
  6. Take That to the Bank: the team are hired by the banking firm of Dempsey, Dawson, Stinge and Farley, represented by none other than Dempsey's great uncle Sidney. Due to an incident when she was a child involving a bottle of apple juice and the petrol tank of his favourite automobile, Sidney is less than happy to discover she's working with the Ghostbusters. It transpires that the bank has recently repossessed the premises occupied by Abraxas Publishing House, specialised in circulating occult periodicals. An e-mail sent by the same unknown contact from the Varypnas case informs them that Brayden Strand was the lease holder, and that the Ordo Templi Stellae used the building to conduct rituals and publish pamphlets between the ’20s and ’70s. Bizarre sounds and disturbances have been chasing away the survey teams, preventing the bank from reselling the building. More than that, the dimensions of the basement level have transformed and expanded into subterranean caverns, and at its heart waits an imprisoned demon, trapped by a ritual decades ago and used for inspiration by the order. The Ghostbusters are attacked by a towering masonry golem placed to watch over the prison. Destroying the golem, they realise too late they've accidentally compromised the prison, freeing the demon. Client: Sidney Dempsey, partner in Dempsey, Dawson, Stinge and Farley Ghost(s): the Architect Demon (class VII); Masonry Golem (class VI)
  7. Frostbitten, Twice Shy: Ace has recently started dating Daniel McBride, a nurse he met during his frequent visits to the accident-and-emergency ward. He finds out that the trendy Ice Bar in Mayfair is holding a couple's night. Suddenly, a freezing wind sweeps through, sealing most of the customers inside ice sculptures, including Daniel. Ace calls in the rest of the team, and they learn from the bar's owner that the ice was imported from the River Torne in Sweden. A portal opens in the ice, which leads the Ghostbusters to the icy River Styx, where groups of phantom fisherman are out in their boats. Through them, they learn that the culprit is Caspar Lundgren, who died on the river and was forever separated from his beloved Theodora. Now any couples he sees suffer his miserable wrath. Dempsey masquerades as Theodora to lure him out, but the ruse only infuriates Caspar, who turns her into one of his army of snow golems. While Ace flees from his transformed teammate, Smith and Flynn spring into action, fighting through the snow beasts until they reach Caspar's boat, busting him and rescuing the trapped people. Client: Ermine Foxx, D.J. and owner of the Ice Bar Ghost(s): Caspar Lundgren (class IV); Snow Golems (class VI)
  8. The Tube Challenge: the London Ghostbusters get their first government contract when ghosts flood the railway lines between several stations, forming a pentagram around Piccadilly Circus. Also present is the mayor's aide Harmon Derrell, who is distraught that Sarah has vanished into the Underground, drawn by her fascination with all things paranormal. Upon seeing the team, he is quick to blame them and has to be restrained by police. Now knowing their young friend is in peril, and with countless ghosts, monsters, and demons escaping onto the streets of the city, the team head down into the depths of the metro system. Encountering ghost trains and other assorted nasties, they eventually find Sarah in the clutches of Edward Burke, a police inspector who practised vampirism on young girls, and he's already infused her with enough ectoplasmic essence to begin her transformation. Sarah proves tough to wrangle, but after defeating Burke, they manage to restore her. Deeper in the tunnels, a river of slime leads them to a gateway that channels the stuff all over the city, and waiting for them are the Architect Demon and his Terror Dog, Fido. The demon explains that Strand took the plans for the gateway straight from his own mind and is taking time to admire the work. After besting Fido in combat, the team destroy the gateway, causing the ghosts to either disappear or drift away to parts unknown. Client: Redmond Drexel, Commissioner of Transport for London Ghost(s): Edward Clavicus Burke (class IV); Fido the Terror Dog (class VI); the Architect Demon (class VII)
  9. From the Studio Built on Death: the team receive a call from the long-abandoned grounds of Langbourn Films, which is set to be demolished and redeveloped. Workers are being afflicted with sickness and nightmarish hallucinations whenever they get too close to the building. The cause is traced to the ghost of Hildred Slade, the studio's cruel owner and the subject of many unsavoury rumours. The Ghostbusters are whisked away into worlds based on Slade's movies, but Smith is able to shake off the illusion and travel through the various dimensions to rescue his teammates. Once reunited, they make their way to Slade's portrait in their studio foyer, the locus of the haunting, and destroy it, allowing them to catch him. Client: Adelaide Rockwest, owner of Rockwest Construction, Ltd. Ghost(s): Hildred Slade (class IV)
  10. Dear Margaret…: the team travel to the house of a famous writer in Surrey, and Sarah insists on accompanying them, as does Kitty, revealing that the writer is her living sister Patricia. A joyous reunion ensues, and Kitty learns that for years, Patricia has been communicating with a ghost named Margaret. Lately, however, she's been quiet, save for bursts of violent poltergeist activity. The team have been called not for a bust, but to help her. Finding her ghost in the foundations, Margaret explains that she was part of Brayden Strand's experiment to create a Moonchild until he realised she was infertile, after which he imprisoned her ghost in a pool of black slime so she could be used to channel psychic turbulence later. Strand found other, suitable subjects and the Moonchild, an immeasurably destructive super-being, has been born. Margaret flies into a rage, possessing the cottage and turning it into a monster form, but a boson shot from Flynn destroys it, allowing the ghost to be trapped. Flynn emerges from the rubble, possessed by the Architect Demon, who reveals that Strand is still alive somehow, before Ace angrily chases him away. The team comfort Patricia with a solemn promise to avenge what happened to Margaret because of Strand, and call in a favour with Rockwest to build her a new cottage. Client: Patricia Featherstonehaugh, semi-retired author Ghost(s): Margaret Kisgart (class IV)
  11. How to Serve Man: Sarah falls into a coma and is taken to hospital. Meanwhile, the team receive a visit from Smiler Brown, an urchin whom Kitty knew during her living days who has fallen onto hard times. His fellow homeless are disappearing off the streets, spirited away by monsters, and the police haven't responded. The Ghostbusters agree to help regardless of payment, and head to the site of the most recent incidents. Clues lead them to the sewers, where they get split up. Kitty meets a charming yet sinister butler named Frobisher, who explains that a grand banquet is being held for a very special guest, and that she had best get to the castle kitchens, ruled by the cruel chef, Mister Swelter. Client: Smiler Brown, no occupation or fixed abode Ghost(s): Mister Swelter (class IV); Sebastian Frobisher (class VI/IV)
  12. London Calling (Part 1): an ancient Scottish castle has appeared in the middle of the Thames, and the Ghostbusters find huge crowds gathering along the banks. Police, and even the army, have set up protective barriers. Worse, black slime is filling the river, spewing ghosts into the atmosphere. The Ghostbusters enter the castle via boat, and are welcomed by the staff. They explain that the team's work has helped greatly with preparing the guest of honour for some upcoming event. Kitty finds out that Swelter is pulling the spirits from the kidnapped homeless to be consumed at the banquet, but cannot defeat him by herself. The team reconvene to save the kidnapped people and escape the castle, while battling Swelter and his underlings. Despite their efforts, however, the Moonchild is ready to be born, and the castle starts collapsing into a tidal wave of black slime. Ghost(s): servants of Castle Strand (class III/IV)
  13. London's Burning (Part 2): ghosts from across the city are being pulled to the roof of the Palace of Westminster, where a rift in space has opened, unleashing unspeakable evil onto the Earth. Harmon Derrell has the team arrested, blaming them for the disappearance of Sarah from her hospital room and the uncontrolled spread of the hauntings. Dempsey's great uncle Sidney pulls some strings at the mayor's office to have them released, and while they wait, the team are met by Daniel McBride, who admits to being their e-mail contact. He has identified the other families Strand used for his experiments, which includes the Derrells, and that Strand has survived to the modern era by inhabiting new bodies every time he reaches the end of his lifespan. Once they're let go, the Ghostbusters race towards Westminster and confront Brayden Strand (in the body of Greta Armbruster) on the roof as he prepares to unshackle Sarah's full potential. Fighting past a squadron of black slime knights and a charged-up Frobisher, they decide to pull a risky move: by crossing their proton streams, the Ghostbusters destroy the portal, severing Sarah's connection to the other dimension. As Strand bellows his fury to the heavens, the Architect Demon appears one final time, whisking away the Grand Master to parts unknown. The Ghostbusters reunite the restored Sarah and her father, and enjoy a hero's welcome. They've saved the world. Ghost(s): Black Slime Knights (class VI); the Moonchild (class unknown)
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2020.09.26 00:37 DramaticPatience0 [HIRING] 40 Jobs in on Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
First Student Canada First Student Canada: School Bus Driver Adelaide Metcalfe
Oldcastle APG Oldcastle APG: Electro-Mechanic Adelaide Metcalfe
First Student Canada First Student Canada: School Bus Driver Adjala-Tosorontio
Amazon Amazon Warehouse Assistant (Immediate Openings) Adjalatosorontio
Amazon Amazon Warehouse Assistant (Full-Time) - Night Shifts Available - Earn $16.7/hr or more Adjalatosorontio
Amazon Amazon Warehouse Assistant (Full-Time) - Earn up to $16.7/hr Adjalatosorontio
HGS Canada HGS Canada: Bilingual (French/English) Customer Support - (Canada Post) Alliston
Rexall Pharmacy Group Ltd. Rexall Pharmacy Group Ltd.: Store Manager Alliston
First Student Canada First Student Canada: School Bus Driver Alliston
Click To See Company Name Click To See Company Name: Delivery Driver Part Or Full Time With Doordash Make Up To 17hour Amaranth
Click To See Company Name Click To See Company Name: Delivery Driver No Experience Needed Amaranth
Maple Leaf Jobs Maple Leaf Jobs: Delivery Driver No Experience Needed Amaranth
Maple Leaf Jobs Maple Leaf Jobs: Delivery Driver Part Or Full Time With Doordash Make Up To 17hour Amaranth
ALITHYA ALITHYA: Security Architect Amaranth
Maple Leaf Jobs Maple Leaf Jobs: Delivery Driver Courier Amaranth
Click To See Company Name Click To See Company Name: Delivery Driver Courier Amaranth
Lactalis Canada Lactalis Canada: System Technologist, Process Controls Belleville
Amer Sports Corporation Amer Sports Corporation: Sr. Financial Analyst Belleville
Dr Robert Zaichick and the Smile Team Dr Robert Zaichick and the Smile Team: Level 2 Dental Assistant Belleville
ALITHYA ALITHYA: Security Architect Blandford-Blenheim
Maple Leaf Jobs - Amazon Maple Leaf Jobs - Amazon: Amazon Warehouse Assistant Immediate Openings Bond Head
Norisk_Canada - Amazon Norisk_Canada - Amazon: Amazon Warehouse Operator Fulltime Earn Up To 17. 70hr Bond Head
Norisk_Canada - Amazon Norisk_Canada - Amazon: Amazon Warehousing Worker Fulltime Night Shifts Available Earn 16. 7hr Or More Bond Head
Maple Leaf Jobs - Amazon Maple Leaf Jobs - Amazon: Amazon Warehousing Worker Fulltime Night Shifts Available Earn 16. 7hr Or More Bond Head
Norisk_Canada - Amazon Norisk_Canada - Amazon: Amazon Warehouse Assistant Immediate Openings Bond Head
Maple Leaf Jobs - Amazon Maple Leaf Jobs - Amazon: Amazon Warehouse Operator Fulltime Earn Up To 17. 70hr Bond Head
HGS Canada HGS Canada: Bilingual (French/English) Customer Support - (Canada Post) Bond Head
HGS Canada HGS Canada: Bilingual (French/English) Customer Support - (Canada Post) Bradford West Gwillimbury
ClifyX Cloud Security Engineer(Check Point Endpoint Security) Brockville
QNC Consulting Inc Cloud Security Engineer Brockville
Doordash Delivery Driver / Courier Centre Wellington
Doordash Delivery Driver (part or full time) with DoorDash - Make up to $17/hou Centre Wellington
ALITHYA ALITHYA: Security Architect Centre Wellington
Calstone Search Group Calstone Search Group: Mine Superintendent, P. Eng Fifo Dubreuilville
EACOM TIMBER CORPORATION EACOM TIMBER CORPORATION: Human Resources Business Partner In Training Partenaire D’affaires Ressources Humaines En Formation Ear Falls
Nurse Next Door Nurse Next Door: Registered Practical Nurse Faircrest
MARK'S MARK'S: Directeur Général Du Magasin Fort Frances
ML6 Search + Talent Advisory ML6 Search + Talent Advisory: Financial Specialist Guelph
Canadian Mental Health Association, Waterloo Wellington Canadian Mental Health Association, Waterloo Wellington: Mental Health Clinician (French Language Services) Guelph
Bay Street Staffing Bay Street Staffing: Director Of Operations, Construction (Glass/Glazing) Guelph
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in ON. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2020.09.24 22:10 DramaticPatience0 [HIRING] 40 Jobs in on Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
First Student Canada First Student Canada: School Bus Driver Adelaide Metcalfe
First Student Canada First Student Canada: School Bus Driver Adjala-Tosorontio
Amazon Amazon Warehousing Worker (Full-Time) - Night Shifts Available - Earn $16.7/hr or more Adjalatosorontio
Amazon Amazon Warehouse Attendant (Full-Time) - Night Shifts Available - Earn $16.7/hr or more Adjalatosorontio
Amazon Amazon Warehouse Assistant (Full-Time) - Night Shifts Available - Earn $16.7/hr or more Adjalatosorontio
First Student Canada First Student Canada: School Bus Driver Alliston
Rexall Pharmacy Group Ltd. Rexall Pharmacy Group Ltd.: Store Manager Alliston
New Electric New Electric: Electrician Belleville
Dr Robert Zaichick and the Smile Team Dr Robert Zaichick and the Smile Team: Level 2 Dental Assistant Belleville
Amer Sports Corporation Amer Sports Corporation: Sr. Financial Analyst Belleville
HGS Canada Bilingual (French/English) Customer Service Work From Home Blind River
HGS Canada Bilingual (French/English) Customer Service - WFH with paid home training Blind River
HGS Canada Bilingual (French/English) Customer Service- Inbound calls Blind River
Maple Leaf Jobs - Amazon Maple Leaf Jobs - Amazon: Delivery Warehouse Team Member Fulltime Earn Up To 17. 70hr Bond Head
Norisk_Canada - Amazon Norisk_Canada - Amazon: Delivery Warehouse Team Member Fulltime Earn Up To 17. 70hr Bond Head
Click To See Company Name Click To See Company Name: Delivery Warehouse Team Member Fulltime Earn Up To 17. 70hr Bond Head
Maple Leaf Jobs Maple Leaf Jobs: Delivery Warehouse Team Member Fulltime Earn Up To 17. 70hr Bond Head
Maple Leaf Jobs Maple Leaf Jobs: Amazon Warehouse Operator Fulltime Earn Up To 17. 70hr Bradford West Gwillimbury
Click To See Company Name Click To See Company Name: Amazon Warehouse Operator Fulltime Night Shifts Available Earn 16. 7hr Or More Bradford West Gwillimbury
Norisk_Canada - Amazon Norisk_Canada - Amazon: Amazon Warehouse Operator Fulltime Earn Up To 17. 70hr Bradford West Gwillimbury
Maple Leaf Jobs Maple Leaf Jobs: Amazon Warehouse Operator Fulltime Night Shifts Available Earn 16. 7hr Or More Bradford West Gwillimbury
Maple Leaf Jobs - Amazon Maple Leaf Jobs - Amazon: Amazon Warehouse Operator Fulltime Earn Up To 17. 70hr Bradford West Gwillimbury
Norisk_Canada - Amazon Norisk_Canada - Amazon: Amazon Warehouse Operator Fulltime Night Shifts Available Earn 16. 7hr Or More Bradford West Gwillimbury
Click To See Company Name Click To See Company Name: Amazon Warehouse Operator Fulltime Earn Up To 17. 70hr Bradford West Gwillimbury
Maple Leaf Jobs - Amazon Maple Leaf Jobs - Amazon: Amazon Warehouse Operator Fulltime Night Shifts Available Earn 16. 7hr Or More Bradford West Gwillimbury
EACOM TIMBER CORPORATION EACOM TIMBER CORPORATION: Human Resources Business Partner In Training Partenaire D’affaires Ressources Humaines En Formation Ear Falls
MARK'S MARK'S: Directeur Général Du Magasin Fort Frances
Doordash Food Courier Georgian Bluffs
Doordash Delivery Driver - No Experience Needed Georgian Bluffs
Doordash Delivery Driver / Courier Georgian Bluffs
Bay Street Staffing Bay Street Staffing: Director Of Operations, Construction (Glass/Glazing) Guelph
Hourglass HR Hourglass HR: Supply Chain Manager Guelph
MARK'S Assistant Store Manager (Guelph)- Mark'S Guelph
Summit Search Group Summit Search Group: Site Director - Ignace (3-Year Term) Ignace
STOCK TRANSPORTATION School Bus Driver- $1500 Sign on Bonus Kirkland Lake
Skechers U. S. A., Inc. Skechers U. S. A., Inc.: Part Time Retail Sales Associate Kitchener
CareerUp, Inc. CareerUp, Inc.: Summer Internship Kitchener
Sonova Group Sonova Group: Sales Enablement System Manager (1 Year Contract) Kitchener
Crossover for Work Crossover for Work: Support Engineer (Remote) - $60, 000/Year Usd Kitchener
CPA Recruitment CPA Recruitment: Maintenance Supervisor Kitchener
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in ON. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2020.09.24 07:28 LifeWithPain2079 Appreciation post.

Throwaway but I just wanted to say thank you for all of you here on /AusFinance.
I'm thankful to still be fully employed (although who knows what will happen next year).
As of writing this, I have paid off a personal loan I had, built up an emergency fund of $10K in Westpac's 3% HISA and fully tracked my finances through free budgeting spreadsheets online which I update once a month. I went from dabbling in individual stocks in areas I knew well, made some gains and got to my goal of $15K which led to me finally being able to invest in ETFs.
I'm 26 and I already regret not investing years before but I'm happy I stressed myself out getting my shit together and ensuring I know my financial situation inside and out.
I realised a core + satellite approach towards investing is best suited for me as some individual shares are able to return pretty decent gains.
Therefore, my initial ETF investment are as follows:
• 40% VGS ($6000) • 20% VAS ($3,000) • 20% NDQ ($3,000) • 20% ASIA ($3,000).
As I'm a low income earner at $48,500, I'm able to save $1,000/month, I'll deposit $4,000 three times a year investments and re-balance my portfolio once a year.
I am able to save another $200/month but I realised that I'm better off putting that in my emergency fund to grow even further.
My expenses were cut down before the above. I meal prep with my partner once a week for lunch and dinner and groceries for two of us for the week averages $100/week and have already cut back from eating out thanks to the recession.
Other major expenses include: Rent is $200/week. Phone (hotspot for wifi) is $54/month with Optus at 80GB incl insurance which gave me a new phone in January, gym is $377/year, haircut at $25/month, Spotify $6/month, Dollar Shave Club is $8/month, petrol is $80/every two months as car is a hybrid and don't drive that often. Live in Adelaide and live near free public transport so I pay nothing for my commute. I have also considered other expenses like rego, maintenance, car insurance (which is halving next month thanks to me finally have 1 year worth of car insurance).
Currently, I'm trying to get my partner onboard into investing and financial management as strongly as I am in but it remains difficult as she has no interest in finance. But sees the benefits in what I am doing.
For anyone else that's new or curious, yes it is stressful to get everything organised and ready. But, taking it one day at a time has really improved my situation drastically over these past few months.
However, I am now confident enough to say that I understand my finances very well and am thankful I took immediate action. I'm not rich at all. Your average 26 year old probably makes double of what I make but I'm saving around 36% of take home pay and understanding my finances fully.
Currently, I'm happy rent-vesting but will want to consider getting a house eventually with my partner in the long term but I'd rather focus on my job at the moment, work toward that pay rise I'm hoping to get next year and consider getting a different job to increase my salary whilst riding out this horrible recession.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask away!
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2020.09.24 03:22 familiarpatterns Where to live?

My partner and I have jobs in Adelaide next year. He’s working at the RA and I’m at Lyell McEwin. We are trying to narrow down suburbs to live in but keep hearing stories about tire slashing etc. in the northern suburbs.
Any recommendations for a suburb to live in without too much of a commute for either of us? Are we being trolled or is there really an epidemic of tire haters around there?
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Adalaida - Line Dance (Dance & Teach in English & 中文 ... Is This Vlogging? Addy & Rach Go To The Aquarium - YouTube Carbon Neutral Adelaide Partner Program Launch Event - YouTube Boys Adelaide Kane Has Dated! YouTube Adalida Line Dance - YouTube

Adelaide's 10 Gigabit access network completed ...

  1. Adalaida - Line Dance (Dance & Teach in English & 中文 ...
  2. Is This Vlogging? Addy & Rach Go To The Aquarium - YouTube
  3. Carbon Neutral Adelaide Partner Program Launch Event - YouTube
  4. Boys Adelaide Kane Has Dated!
  5. YouTube
  6. Adalida Line Dance - YouTube
  7. Boys Adelaide Kane Has Dated! - YouTube
  8. Adelaide Football Club - YouTube
  9. Mattress Silent Partner Adelaide - YouTube

Count: 32 Wall: 2 Level: Beginner Contra Line Choreographer: Adriano Castagnoli (Wild Country) Music: 'George Strait' -- Adalida Demo by Phillinedance( 2011.... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. A quest for sloths, fish and vege dogs! Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Toby Regbo & Adelaide Kane Address 'Tobelaide' Dating, Fanfics & Tumblr trolling - Duration: 1:43. Tobys Regboners 246,908 views. 1:43. Neighbours ... and their real life partners - Duration: 11 ... Adelaide Kane Dating Timeline! Adelaide Kane - (Teen Wolf) Adelaide Kane - (Reign) Adelaide Kane Hookups and Love Affairs! Adelaide Kane Relationships! Adela... Video created by the Adelaide Football Club, which competes in the Australian Football League. Choreographed by: Gary O'Reilly (Oct 2019) 32 count - 2 wall - Improver level line dance Music: 'Adalaida' by Derek Ryan